Beginners Organ having a bucolic nature, CD recording available.

During the 16th and 17th  centuries such instruments were placed in gardens and accompanied nobility during sentimental walks. This organ, of voluntary traditional making by Barthelemi Formentelli, actually allows interpretation of modern musical pieces.
”Barthelemy is the one who introduced to me the organist Jean d’Albi, whose humour and virtuosity allowed the making of this first record in the auditorium of the Gardens Festival.”

J.P. Pigeat, director of the Conservatoire International des Parcs et Jardin.

Aminthe     Haydn Horloge à flûte    Compère Guilleri  

      - 17th and 18th centuries Romances

      -  Floetenuhr Stücke, J. Haydn

      -  Children’s rounds

      -  J. Spring original pieces

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Orgue historique de St Sulpice de Breteuil sur Iton

Lebègue, Clérambault, Dandrieu, Daquin, Frescobaldi, Ellias, Sweelinck, Greene, Stanley… 

1994 : Electronic Organ (Yamaha hs 8) and musical saw.

            Various musics (CD).


1984 : Voyages en musique, electronic Organ (Technics U-90).

            Typical music from different countries cassette).


1983 : Jean d’ALBI, electronic Organ (Technics U-90).

            Film music, jazz, variety (cassette).


1982:  Negro Spirituals (cassette).


1982 : Chansons d’autrefois (cassette).


1977 : Chansons d’autrefois (45 record).


1977 : Negro Spirituals (45 record).


1970 : Orgorama, electronic Organ (Farfisa 6050).

            Film music and variety (LP).


1970 : La Passion du Christ et Messe Rendons Grâces à Dieu.

            Composed and sung by Jean d’Albi after Negro-Spiritual musics            (LP).


1967 : Bretagne et Chants celtiques pour solistes.

            Men’s choir and instrumental ensemble.

           Jean d’Albi arranger and conductor (LP).


1968 : Chansons roses.

            Children’s songs with instrumental ensemble.

            Jean d’Albi arranger and conductor (45 record).


1965 : Chansons de Tante Jeanette.

            Children’s songs with instrumental ensemble.

            Jean dAlbi arranger and conductor (45 record).


1964: Petite Musique de Nuit, Mozart - Symphonie des Jouets,              Haydn.

             Chamber Orchestra.

             Jean d’Albi conductor (LP).